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Dear Community,

as part of our continuous effort to keep you up-to-date regarding all pre-order events, we would like to share some more insights into the shipping process of the TharnType Boxset 2 & Couple Rings + Necklace.

The production of all boxsets is centralized and done by MeMindY. Unfortunately, there have been some unexpected delays with regards to the international boxsets, which were produced after the ones meant for Thailand. Since we have no active control over this area, we will simply share the information that MeMindY provided.

Namely, that the 2.5-month delay in production was caused by the lockdown restrictions, a machine defect and the King-Kaew factory explosion.

Because of the above-mentioned delays, we only received the Products last month and are now putting them onto the next available ship to our global distribution center in Germany (this step is necessary so that we can offer such cheap shipping prices).

The ship will leave on the 17th of October and will most likely take about 5-8 weeks. Once the Products arrive in Germany, we will process and send all of them within two days (this is the part that we can actively influence so we are sparing no cost to speed up the process as much as possible) and hand them over to DHL. Around this time everyone will receive their individual tracking codes.We will update you the very moment we receive more information, and at every milestone along the way.

If you are unsure or want to ask any questions, feel free to message the live support on our website or simply drop us a tweet! Also, if anybody missed out on ordering the Boxset Season 2, Couple Rings or Memorial Necklace, we still have a few of them left over (100 and 50 respectively) and will offer them on until stock runs out.

Your VanicaGlobal Team

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