Shipping Update 2


Dear Community,

here is an update on the TharnType Boxset Season 2 & Couple Rings + Necklace Pre-orders from February - Today 2021.

The container with your orders is currently waiting for departure in Thailand. Unfortunatly it is 2-weeks delayed. The new planned date for leaving Thailand is on the 01/11/2021. 

Estimated arrival in our warehouse in Germany: Between the 25/12/2021 - 25/01/2022

We will do a post as soon as the goods leave Thailand and of course also as soon as they arrive in Germany.

We are just as excited as you are as we are super looking forward to receive your photos and your feedback.

We are very sorry for your inconvenience. Unfortunatly this is beyond our sphere of influence and unfortunately we cannot change anything about it. We will update you the very moment we receive more information, and at every milestone along the way.

If you are unsure or want to ask any questions, feel free to message the support on our website or simply drop us a tweet! Also, if anybody missed out on ordering the Boxset Season 2, Couple Rings or Memorial Necklace, we still have a few of them left over (50 and 20 respectively) and will offer them on until stock runs out.

Your VanicaGlobal Team

Below we attached a few news articles about the current shipping situation. If you are interested, check them out. 

Text from "CNBC": Container shipping locked in a significant bottleneck as demand surges ( 

Text from Container-News: Current logistics situation under Covid-19 in terms of container shortage and survival of NVOCCs - Container News (


Video: Text from "The WallStreetJournal": J.B. Hunt Expects Strong Freight Demand to Extend Into 2022 - WSJ




  • Posted on by Vuong thien kim
    Hello i’m from vietnam i have been waiting for boxset tharntype ss2 for 6 months. Can you let me know how long i can get it? My order number is 12296
  • Posted on by Deryla Sylvester

    I’m excited.Hopefully,I’ll recieve mine early.

  • Posted on by Deryla Sylvester

    I’m excited.Hopefully,I’ll recieve mine early.

  • Posted on by Maderlyn Flores

    This is what I’m looking for my order that I buy from you


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