About Us
Our core mission at Vanica is to bring people one step closer to their favorite TV shows that feature on platforms such as Netflix and influencers, regardless of where they live. As a Global brand with operations in Munich, Bangkok, Singapore, London, Madrid and USA.
We understand that long distances can be a daunting barrier to relationships and familiarity.
This is exactly why we partner with tv shows and influencers on designing, producing, storing, selling, and shipping unique products that they can identify with so that every customer around the Globe can feel just a little closer.
For example, the all-in-one service we offered to our par
tner TharnType The Series in over 170 different countries, customers in Brazil can feel just as close to the cast as customers from Singapore.
If you are interested in tightening your community and partnering with us by creating a product you can truly identify with,  feel free to reach out on this email.

Best wishes,

Richard Armstrong

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